Voter Services

The League of Women Voters Davis Area (LWVDA) Voter Services Committee is dedicated to educating voters on election matters in a non-partisan way. 

Our organization does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. LWVDA is “issues focused” and we encourage our members to participate actively in the political process. When we support or oppose a ballot measure, we align our advocacy with positions taken by the California League of Women Voters (LWVC) after study and consensus.

Our Voter Services Committee recommends this Toolbox for easy access to voter registration, election participation and ballot issue information


Voter Registration

Democracy depends upon informed and active participation in government. Participation starts with voter registration.

All eligible voters can check their registration status in their current voting district using our voter registration link. California residents 16 and 17 years old can pre-register to vote when they become 18.

[Check your eligibility and registration information directly using this California Secretary of State Voter Registration Website.]


Voter Particpation

Informed voting and active participation depend upon knowing registration and election deadlines and how to submit your ballot. 

Check out candidates for elected office and ballot measures using these non-partisan League of Women Voters Voter education guides and resources.


Check local election voting sites and follow ballot returns using this Yolo County Elections Office Website.

Voter Issue Awareness

Informed active voters understand their ballot.  The LWVDA Voter Services Committee provides community outreach to promote ballot issue awareness and support active, engaged election participation through candidate and issue forums. We prepare information sheets on ballot measures and pending legislation.

Meet the candidates for local office. Review their qualifications and priorities.  Learn the issues behind ballot measures. 

Check out LWVDA Local candidate Forums through our YouTube channel. View our Educational Forums and “Pros and Cons” Civic summaries to better understand ballot issues.  

Voter Particpation

Stay up to date on ballot issues and vote participation guidance by visiting these sites before every election. Your vote is your voice. Know the issues. Know the choices. Your vote matters!