Standing committees meet throughout the year. LWVDA currently has 4 established committees for 2024: Voter Service, Healthcare, Housing & Homelessness, and Social Justice. Voter Service has 3 subcommittees: Voter Registration, Candidate Forums, and Observer Corps. LWVDA also has a Membership team providing league service.

New Committees are developed as member interest is identified through program planning and interest area feedback at membership renewals.  

Committee members are expected to attend meetings and encouraged to participate in activities as part of their League service. We know not everyone can accommodate every meeting or activity, but chairs can only do the work of the League with member support. Chairs work hard to reflect the interests and strengths of committee members. They need your support and participation.

Based on member interest, the LWVDA Board is forming a new Climate Change & Climate Justice committee in 2024. The board will also create a new Fundraising team to support our unit. We are actively recruiting chairs and members for both new groups. 

Voter Service

Chair: Judy Higgerson

Voter Service is our most dynamic and mission driven committee. The committee informs voters on election matters in a nonpartisan manner. Activities include ballot issue education using voter guides (prepared in partnership with LWVC or the Yolo County Elections office), “Pros & Cons” documents, and “Civic Summaries”.  Members may also author LWVDA press releases and LWVC approved Letters to the Editor. 

Voter Service has 3 subcommittees. Two of these, Voter Registration and Candidate Forums, have many activities planned for 2024. Both subcommittees are especially active during periods that precede local, state, and national elections. California will hold both a March and November election in 2024.

A third subcommittee, Observer Corps, is currently actively recruiting interested members (see description that follows). 

Voter Service subcommittees have unique meeting dates and times. Frequency of meetings may be project dependent. Your interest and enthusiasm are welcome! Please contact Judy Higgerson for meeting dates and times.

>Voter Service Subcommittees
Voter Registration

Chair: Judy Higgerson

The Voter Registration subcommittee is a vital function of LWVDA. The committee coordinates with the LWVDA Board to inform, educate, and register voters. The committee collaborates with the Yolo County Elections Department to promote all provisions of the California Voter’s Choice Act, including Vote by Mail, In-person early voting, Same Day registration, and “Drop Box” community voting. Subcommittee members may also staff voter education tables at the Davis Farmers’ Market, the UCD Campus, and at community events, or they may work as election observers to support the County Elections Department.

We welcome your enthusiasm and energy! Please contact Judy Higgerson for meeting dates and times and opportunities.

Candidate Forums

Coordinator: Lynn DeLapp

The Candidate Forum subcommittee coordinates public presentations using LWV Candidate Forum guidelines. LWVDA manages candidate forums for local elections, including County Supervisor, City Council, and Board of Education. County wide elections (e.g. District Attorney, Judgeships, State Legislation) periodically present opportunities for events in collaboration with other Leagues in our area. 

Committee members work closely with the Yolo County and Davis City elections offices and candidates. New committee members are mentored in LWV forum policy, process, and procedures. Experienced members support and guide new volunteers to develop presentation and event management skills.

Please consider becoming a member of the Candidate Forums committee.  Your interest and energy are welcomed! Please contact Judy Higgerson for meeting dates and times.

Observer Corps

Coordinator: Nicki Neff

Observer Corps members monitor key local governing bodies as non-partisan citizen observers. Through regular attendance at public meetings (e.g., City Council, Board of Education, City Commissions and County Boards), observers learn the functions, jurisdiction, and operations of these agencies, and become familiar with local issues.  For each meeting attended, observers file a report using a standard report template . Reports keep League members up to date on key issues, and the League presence at meetings reminds public officials that citizens are committed to participation in and transparency of their government. 

Is your area of interest listed above? If not, please let us know your interest area so we can help you identify and attend a public meeting relevant to your interests and League related issues. Your participation and enthusiasm are welcomed! 

To become a member of our developing Observer Corps, please contact Observer Corps Coordinator, Nicki Neff for opportunities.


Chair: Michelle Famula, MD

The Healthcare Committee is an active group meeting regularly (every other Tuesday 3:00-4:00PM) to stay up to date on County, State and Federal Healthcare policy and legislation. The committee identifies and explores public policy, industry practices and legislative actions with impact on local community access to care, educating voters and members through forums and public presentations.

The committee works with the LWVDA Board and State and National Leagues to inform voters of important healthcare issues and positions taken by candidates and advocacy groups, and to promote State and National League health system reform and affordable access positions.

We welcome members interested in helping to create an educated electorate, well prepared to vote for reform that supports quality patient care access and promotes community health.

Housing (and homelessness)

Chair: Mary Jo Bryan

After completing a 2-year Davis General Plan and Community Vision Project, the 2024 Housing Committee’s work focuses on housing, homelessness, and land use issues to understand how housing accessibility and affordability impact our local community, our diverse populations, and the environment. The committee collaborates with local housing advocates to educate our members and our community. 

The committee seeks to improve community understanding of state and local issues and to stay abreast of local general plan housing efforts. 

In 2019-20, the Housing Committee held three educational forums on housing and land use planning. Future goals include participation with the LWVC Statewide Housing and Homelessness Interest Group as well as local housing access and affordability advocates. 

We welcome members interested in helping to create an educated electorate well prepared to engage in housing policy evaluation and assess housing and zoning regulations and land use ballot measures as they relate to both affordability and access equity.

Social Justice

Coordinator: Komal Hak

This committee aims to put the community first: starting conversations and providing education on racial barriers, structural inequities, and under-representation wherever these are present in our community.

We seek to develop programs to give voice to those who have not had “a seat at the table”, through advocacy and collaboration with community groups also working to advance inclusion and community improvement.

The committee is committed to our nonpartisan principles, encouraging members from all political backgrounds, experiences, and identities, especially those who may not have previously served on a social justice committee. 

LWVDA recognizes that appreciation of differing views and experiences could be a challenge, but a key goal of this committee is for members to work together to build a healthy, equitable and happy community.

Please consider joining our Social Justice Committee and helping our league identify programs and partnerships to advance these goals.

Climate Change & Climate Justice

Coordinator: (vacant)

This new committee responds to member interest and local area resource partnership opportunities. As more committee members and a committee coordinator are identified, we will reach out to the LWVC Climate Interest Group, to consider projects for committee focus. 

The LWVC group has 4 focus areas: Forests & Wildfires, Water, Soils & Agriculture, and Electrification. Each have impacts at both state and local levels. Our committee can work with other Leagues on statewide projects or work with the LWVDA Board to develop unique actions.

We need your help to get this committee established. Please contact Michelle Famula for opportunities to further develop this work. 

> League Service Teams
Membership Team

Chair: Nicki Neff

The Membership Team supports the chair to plan and develop recruitment events and outreach messages to attract new league member interest. The team assists with new member contacts, creates welcome messages and plans LWVDA orientation events. 

The Membership team works throughout the year to build member community and connectedness. Under the direction of the chair and the LWVDA board, team members develop strategies to better engage members at League sponsored events and membership meetings.

Team members help maintain current contact information lists to ensure members receive timely LWVDA communications. The team assists the chair during the annual membership renewal process.

If you are interested in meeting more of your League colleagues and participating in creative social activities, contact Nicki Neff for membership team opportunities.

Fundraising team

Chair: Vacant

As our League outreach and education activities increase, LWVDA needs financial resources to print materials, create displays, host speakers, promote programs, reserve meeting and forum spaces and participate in State and National LWV convention activities.

Are you an experienced fundraiser? Are you someone who would like to gain experience in this area? Do you have creative ideas for fun, entertaining activities that can raise funds to support our outreach and issue education efforts? Please contact Michelle Famula to learn how you can join this aspiring group of project planners.