Standing committees meet throughout the year. 

General Plan Update & Community Vision

Coordinator: Mary Jo Bryan

According to the States guidelines a “Community Vision sets the priorities throughout the planning process and inform decision makers about community values. 
Goal or Purpose: To engage the public in creating a Community Vision that reflects the core values of the Davis Community that serves as the foundation to the update of the General Plan.
The League’s Process: A Community Vision is the foundational step in the General Plan Update process. The LWVDA General Plan and Community Vision Committee will focus on outreach to the community and provide balanced and objective information with an emphasis on transparency and non-partisanship. The committee will organize community forums, events and other means to impart the importance of citizen engagement in the development of shared Community Vision for the future of Davis.
Outcome: A Community Vision is a fundamental step in the planning process for a General Plan Update and one that directly relates to the League’s mission.

Chair: Michelle Famula, MD

The Healthcare Committee is an active, ongoing group that meets regularly (every other Wednesday 7:00PM-8:00PM) to stay up to date on developments in County, State and Federal Healthcare policy and legislation. The committee identifies and explores public policy, industry practices and legislative regulations that impact local community access to care.

The committee works with the Board of Directors and State and National Leagues to educate voters regarding important healthcare issues and positions taken by candidates and advocacy groups, and to promote League health system reform positions.

We welcome members interested in helping to create an educated electorate that is prepared to vote for healthcare reform that supports quality patient care access and promotes community health.

Housing (currently inactive)

Chair: Open Position

The Housing Committee focuses on housing, homelessness and land use issues, to understand how housing accessibility and affordability impact our local community, our diverse populations and the environment. The committee meets with county and city officials, industry representatives and local advocates educate our membership and voters current state and local housing requirements, understand local issues, and stay abreast of local general plan efforts. We also collaborate with the State League of Women Voters on housing and homelessness issues. In 2019-20, the Housing Committee convened three educational forums on planning, housing and land use. 

Social Justice

Coordinator: Komal Hak

This committee aims to put the community first by starting conversations and providing education on the racial barriers, structural inequities and lack of representation that are present in the community.

We envision a future of developing programs that give voice to those who have been given a seat at the table, advocacy and collaborations with other groups within our community that are also doing work toward the mutual goal of community improvement.

The group is nonpartisan and accepts members from all groups, even those who typically might not be found on a social justice committee. We recognize that differing views and experiences could be a challenge but the goal of the committee is to help members work towards building a healthy, equitable and happy community.

Please consider becoming a member of our new Social Justice Committee. 

Voter Registration

Chair: Judy Higgerson

The Voter Registration Committee is a dynamic and vital function of the Davis Area League of Women Voters. The committee coordinates with the Board of Directors and Voter Services Committee to inform, educate, and register voters. In the near future, the committee will be collaborating with the Yolo County Elections Department to promote Vote by Mail.

Your interest and enthusiasm are welcomed! Please contact Judy Higgerson for meeting dates and times.

Voter Service

Chair: Vacant

The Voter Service committee was especially active during the November 2020 Election. The committee inform voters on election matters in a nonpartisan manner. The committee sponsors candidate forums and develops pro/con presentations for ballot measures. Our committee has a close working relationship with the Voter Registration committee.

We need your help! We usually meet every other Wednesday from 3:00PM to 4:00PM (subject to change).

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Observer Corps

Chair: Nicki Neff

Observer Corps members monitor key local government bodies as non-partisan citizen observers. Through regular attendance at public meetings (e.g., City Council), they learn about the functions, jurisdiction and operations of the agencies, and become familiar with local issues.  For each meeting they attend, observers file an observer report using an easy to use report template.  Their reports keep League members up to date on key issues, and their presence at meetings, remind public officials that citizens are committed to participation in and transparency of their government. 

Please consider becoming a member of our new Observer Corp. 

If not listed below please stipulate and attend a public meeting that is relevant to a League-specific issue or interest.