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Vaccines bring us closer. World Immunization Week 2021

There are FREE vaccine clinics for the public this week, hosted by the County! They are all drive thru and no appointment needed. Please flip through the images. If you can, sign up through MyTurn at: https://myturn.ca.gov/.

Yolo County Public Health Information Updates

LWVDA Presents A Forum on Social Justice:
“I, Too, Am , Davis”

Latest Updates

“I, Too, Am Davis,” LWV Davis Area Presents a forum on Social Justice

On March 17th, 2021 LWVDA invited the community to participate in a dialogue regarding racism, equality and inclusivity initiatives in the Davis Area. The moderated forum began with a keynote

2021 Program Planning Membership Meeting

Wednesday at 7 PM PST – 8 PM PST via Zoom. Please fill out a survey to help us plan the 2021 year https://bit.ly/2XPiwQc What a year 2020 has been! We

3rd Healthcare Forum

LWVDA presents the 3rd in a series of Healthcare Forums to help voters understand and gain information on what the future of our healthcare might be. "The Future of California State-based

Pros & Cons: Measure B

LWVDA has created a non-partisan "Pros and Cons" document for Measure B which is on the Davis ballot for November 3rd. View → HERE. "Pros and Cons" documents summarize the major arguments

BrightNight Synopsis

LWVDA has written a non-partisan synopsis of a Davis City Council decision on a solar land lease issue involving the BrightNight corporation that came up recently in our candidate forums. We

Election Candidate Forums

LWVDA had completed all the candidate debate forums for this year's Nov 3rd election. Please view the recorded forum videos HERE. Also, give our YouTube channel a SUBSCRIBE!

Healthcare Forum

"Healthcare Reform: Demystifying Future Healthcare Options," the 2nd in a series of educational Healthcare Forums is now up ad able to be viewed → HERE. The goal of this presentation is


The League is organizing several forums in the next few weeks. Please register at Eventbrite to receive the link to join in on the Zoom webinars. Check them out HERE!

General Meeting

Join us by Zoom for the next Members' Meeting, link sent via email, on 9/16 Wednesday from 7:00PM - 8:00PM. Jesse Salinas, the Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters for Yolo County, California

Anniversary Meeting

We remember the League’s founding on February 14th, 1920 and the ratification of the 19th Amendment 6 months later. Locally, we are celebrating our one-year anniversary of the renewal of the League

100 Years Strong

The League of Women Voters turns 100 years old in 2020, and so do US women's voting rights! Progress is in our DNA. Check out this #SheIsMe video to see

General Meeting

Join us by Zoom for the next Members' Meeting, link sent via email, on 9/16 Wednesday from 6:15PM - 7:30PM. Please email info@lwvdavisarea.org if you have not received the Zoom

Spotlight on Jaeli Williams: Broadening Youth Voter Participation

"Working with the League of Women Voters Davis Area was a great experience and I will use the skills that I have gained for many years to come.”

My name is Jaeli Williams, and I am a local girl scout in Davis, California. Girl Scouts runs a program that encourages girls to become involved in politics. I was first introduced to the Girl Scouts “Promote the Vote” campaign from my service unit. Lucia Kaiser, a LWVDA member, was looking for a girl scout to help and lead a project that would spread the word about registering & voting. It was a great opportunity for me to earn my gold award as the project lined up with the 2020 presidential election and my civics class. It was a way to experience hands on what I was learning in class.

I soon started working with the Davis Area League to help them create a video that would encourage people to register and vote, particularly the 18-25 year olds. Working directly with the LWVDA Voter Registration Chair, Judy Higgerson, was an amazing experience as we brainstormed and created ideas for the video.

LWV on all levels; local, state and nationally, and the Girl Scouts have a lot in common. Both promote girls, and women, to lead nonpartisan projects. It was very inspiring to see two organizations that encouraged female leadership working together to create an informal video.

After the video was created and posted on social media sites, I started interviewing members of the League to add onto my gold award. I got the chance to interview three women that were active or restarting to become more active once again in LWV Davis Area chapter. It was interesting hearing about their stories about the League, and also about their personal life.

Interviews (with unedited audio)

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LWVDA presents the 3rd Healthcare Forum: "The Future of California State-based Health Reform"

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Mary Jo Bryan, Bob Fung, Georgina Valencia, and Matt Williams were the initial group that organized the revival of the Davis chapter which was active for 57 years until it dissolved in 2014. 

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