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LWVDA Davis City Council District 3 Candidate 2023 Forum - ft. Donna Neville & Francesca Wright.

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A conversation about housing.
City Of Davis Candidate Forum
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September 29, 2022 (Live Recording)

What Does the CA League support for Legislation Under Current Consideration in California?

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June 7th, 2022
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Spotlight on Jaeli Williams, 2021 Gold Award Recipient: Broadening Youth Voter Participation

My name is Jaeli Williams, and I am a local girl scout in Davis, California. Girl Scouts runs a program that encourages girls to become involved in politics. I was first introduced to the Girl Scouts “Promote the Vote” campaign from my service unit. Lucia Kaiser, a LWVDA member, was looking for a girl scout to help and lead a project that would spread the word about registering & voting. It was a great opportunity for me to earn my gold award as the project lined up with the 2020 presidential election and my civics class. It was a way to experience hands on what I was learning in class.

The Gold Award is the highest achievement that Girl Scouts can attain. After completing other required skill-building steps, Girl Scouts in 9-12th grades may design and implement their own projects that address the root causes of issues, of national and/or global significance. Girls must write a proposal that requires them to engage others and lead a team to address their issue of concern. Each proposal has to be approved by the local Girl Scout council, and girls must invest at least 80 hours of their time to complete all steps. Gold Award projects must also be sustainable, in addition to being girl-led and relevant to the issues of our time.

I started working with the Davis Area League to help them create a video that would encourage people to register and vote, particularly the 18-25 year olds. Working directly with the LWVDA Voter Registration Chair, Judy Higgerson, was an amazing experience as we brainstormed and created ideas for the video.

LWV on all levels; local, state and nationally, and the Girl Scouts have a lot in common. Both promote girls, and women, to lead nonpartisan projects. It was very inspiring to see two organizations that encouraged female leadership working together to create an informal video.

After the video was created and posted on social media sites, I started interviewing members of the League to add onto my gold award. I got the chance to interview three women that were active or restarting to become more active once again in LWV Davis Area chapter. It was interesting hearing about their stories about the League, and also about their personal life.

NOTE: Jaeli Williams’ Gold Award project dovetailed with the 2020 Girl Scouts of USA ( GSUSA) National Civic Action, Promote the Vote. While most girls are too young to vote themselves, GSUSA launched this call to action to teach young people why voting is essential, the power they have to increase access to voting, and how they can encourage others to vote. In 2020 when voting procedures were modified to prevent the spread of Covid-19, there was an urgent need to educate voters about these new procedures. Jaeli’s specific project targeted younger adults  who typically are less likely to vote than older adults. She led a team of other youth to decide on the messages and develop videos that could be disseminated online to the target audience. Jaeli’s work demonstrates the benefits of a partnership between the League of Women Voters and GSUSA in meeting community needs.  Voting access is critical to democracy, and, motivating young adults to vote can have a lasting effect on this generation of voters.

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Mary Jo Bryan, Bob Fung, Georgina Valencia, and Matt Williams were the initial group that organized the revival of the Davis chapter which was active for 57 years until it dissolved in 2014. 

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