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For over a 100 years the League of Women Voters has challenged voter suppression and upheld representative democracy.


Report Available!

Over the span of three years, this project by the Davis League General Plan and Community Vision Committee was created by a community engagement process, gathering thoughts and opinions on the future of Davis from a variety of Davis community members. While not a formal scientific survey process, the project provides City residents with a catalyst to spark further community engagement.  

As the City of Davis begins its update on the General Plan and Community Vision for the future, we will continue to pursue the League principles of civic education and engagement. We support on-going City and community communication. We also want to hear from you! We encourage you to read the report, get involved, and submit comments to your League at

Read the report: HERE

LWVDA Membership Meeting

Wednesday, November 15th | 6:00PM – 7:30PM | Blanchard Room of the Mary L. Stephens Library | Davis, CA

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LWVC Positions on Legislation Under Current Consideration in California:

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League Members Assisting Yolo County Elections Department
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Mary Jo Bryan, Bob Fung, Georgina Valencia, and Matt Williams were the initial group that organized the revival of the Davis chapter which was active for 57 years until it dissolved in 2014. 

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