The League of Women Voters Davis Area is an all-volunteer organization. Our Mission is to empower voters and defend democracy. WE INSPIRE VOTING!

The League is a nonpartisan grassroots organization working to ensure that all eligible voters have the desire, right, knowledge, and confidence to participate in every election. WE EDUCATE THE PUBLIC!

Our Volunteers

  • Implement voter registration and ballot education initiatives.
  • Present Issue education and Candidate Forums
  • Contact government officials and candidates to help voters learn about their leadership experience and issue priorities.
  • Partner with local organizations and colleagues to study public policies in healthcare, housing, climate, and social justice.
  • Promote civic education and membership outreach.
Voter Service

As a volunteer, working alongside fellow League members, you’ll meet new neighbors, develop relationships, build organizational, technical and marketing skills, mentor new members and learn from seasoned professionals.  WE DEVELOP OUR VOLUNTEERS!


We strive to build a diverse membership to enhance our understanding of the many perspectives in our community. We look to teach ourselves, appreciate others, and offer meaningful outreach. We welcome all genders, all generations, all cultures, all economic levels.